Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Now I'm Really Freaking Out!

I thought I'd seen everything when it comes to the idiocy of the American mainstream media, but today, Nicole Wallace and her crew almost made me scream:  they're all upset over the fact that someone from the Trump White House met with some Russian covert agent (at least that's what they're calling him...) in what has to be a serious security breach.

Putin, Erdogan and Berlusconi

\Like they don't know that notwithstanding all the mud slinging upon the Kremlin, the US is sort of cooperating with Russia on the Syrian battlefield -- if only to avoid a fatal clash.  President Putin has repeatedly called for this cooperation to be maintained, and with Turkey having entered the fray, it's even more important that the two superpowers keep their lines of communication open.  (Never mind that each is hoping to gain/retain Turkey in their corner as the maybe not so crazy Erdogan plays them against whoever else is around.)

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