Tuesday, January 23, 2018


 I do not support Russia Insider's anti-Jewish crusade, and am glad this has not prevented it from publishing by far the best article I have read on Ukraine's Neo-Nazis, by Max Blumenthal.  It confirms evrything I have written here about them since the US-sponsored 2014 coup  that deposed the pro-Russian elected president.

The prominence of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine has a direct effect on the rise of Neo-Nazi parties in Europe and the US -- not to mention the fact that the Trump administration is providing them with arms, as Blumenthal documents.

I strongly urge my readers to click on this link:

 http://russia-insider.com/en/us-arming-and-assisting-ukraines-azov-neo-nazis/ri22292  ct=t(Russia_Insider_Daily_Headlines11_21_2014)&mc_cid=928ff7d273&mc_eid=5073b9cec1

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