Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today's Two-Fer: Nuclear War and Climate Castrophe are Just the Next Biggest Games

If you're worried about nuclear war with North Korea, you need to tell yourself that you're just being silly.  After all, some of the country's brightest minds, as illustrated by the above box appearing in today's on-line New Yorker, are proof that the only thing we who are alive today have to worry about is what our remote descendants --  eons following a climate meltdown or nuclear war, will think of us, based on a few items of everyday (well, for some folks...) use, that they may come across in the rubble of our 'civilization'.

Right now, we should consider ourselves lucky that we can still thrill to -- or mock -- the media's slightly varying takes on the activities of those who hold the future in their hands: that is not Kim Jong Un, but Donald Trump, his generals and his fascist advisors.

P.S. See article on North Korea below.

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