Sunday, August 27, 2006


Usually, this is the cry of the citizen disgusted with the behavior of his elected representatives.  But what about the media?  How can the pundits continue to discuss the ins and outs of the war in Iraq - or in Lebanon - without ever mentioning oil? This morning, one talk show host - I think it was Chris Matthews - mentioned the fact that there are all those books out there divulging terrible things.  But he didn't say what.  He didn't say any of the things Pulitzer and other prize winners have been writing about, such as the fear of oil having or about to peak, or the one percent doctrine that we have to act like the Gestapo if there is even a one percent chance that someone, somewhere, might get nuclear or biological weapons.

I guess the media is afraid that if they get it all out there where everyone, and not just book readers, can hear it, they won't have anything left to talk about - or that they'll lose the opportunity to hold forth and get paid handsomely for it - by those of us  who buy the products they advertise.

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