Saturday, August 12, 2006


Today is the Jewish Sabbath, like every Saturday. And what are the Israelis doing on this Sabbath?  They're killing a few more people before taking up the United Nations proposal for a cease-fire, which was voted yesterday.

The Israelis have never liked the U.N. because the Third World majority in the General Assembly has stood, over the decades, with the Palestinians.  This time they're being dealt with evenhandedly, but like lemmings, eyes riveted on past horrors, they march backwards toward more anti-Semitism.

That is about as naive as the U.S. expectation that they would be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people.

Underdogs always wonder why top-dogs don't understand them: it is even more difficult to comprehend that a people that has for millennia been treated as an underdog, can treat others as they were treated, now that, with the help of a powerful ally, they have the means.

The Israelis represent those Jews who not only withstood 2000 of ostracism, clinging to the idea of a return to a former land, they realized the dream.  The only thing that can conceivably prevent them from believing the Palestinians will be equally tenacious is a belief in their inferiority. That is why they they drop leaflets telling the Lebanese to blame Hezbollah for their woes.

That is about as naive as the American expectation that they would be greeted as liberators by the Iraqis.

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