Monday, August 14, 2006


My useful sense of gratitude at the existence of Democracy Now, and investigative journalists such as Seymour Hersh was tempered by disappointment today as I considered their failure, and that of like-minded thinkers, to systematically tie together the findings of the day or the week with relevant background.

Sy Hersh's expose of the deliberateness of the Israeli offensive, linked to an American project to effect regime change in Tehran would have been much more impressive had Hersh summed up for listeners and readers the picture painted by Kevin Philipps in "American theocracy", published earlier this year.  Philipps' weighty tome is quite indigest - it would have benefited from being much shorter and to the point - but its message is chilling:  with oil peaking in our children's lifetime, and threats to the dollar, plans are afoot not only to secure the Middle East fields, but to ensure that oil continues to be sold for greenbacks rather than Euros.

Without awareness of the larger canvass, Hersh's listeners and readers are likely to be alarmed, but not desperate at the prospect of perpetual war that we will face if plans to secure oil and the dollar are not checked before it is too late.  Those of us who surmised there had to be more to the Israeli offensive than met the eye now know it was in part a dry run for taking out Iran's subterranean armory.

This is turn is not about Islamic Fascism, as the President repeats endlessly like a mantra, but about the convergence of oil and an economy no longer based on production of things, but on financial flows.  Philipps retraces the rise and fall of previous major powers.  Because they shared that pattern, all died and we are here today.  The conjunction of that pattern, perhaps unavoidable, with our unique ability to wage war may preclude our having descendants.

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