Sunday, August 27, 2006


Raed Jarrar (, an Arab-American who was prevented from getting on a U.S. plane in the U.S. because he was searing a T-shirt with an bi-lingual expression that read: "they will not silence us" did make it from "Democracy Now" to CNN.  But the anchor seemed sorry when Jarrar told him that everyone doesn't define a terrorist in the same way, going on to say that for many, a state that bombs women and children is a terrorist.  At least they didn't cut him off.

But this brings me to the real subject of this post: The "World Can't Wait" campaign to bring down the entire Bush administration.  They rightly point out that under Hitler, many Germans thought they didn't have to worry about atrocities because they were not among those targeted, until finally, it was their turn.  The WCW campaign is a valiant grass roots effort to wake up the American people to what is being perpetrated in their name.  Even if you don't agree with their belief that nothing short of revolution can turn this country around, you should ask yourself what difference there is between German Fascism and the goals and methods of our government.  The goal is clearly to bring the entire world into line, and with the pretext that some out there may resort to apocalyptic violence to prevent that from happening, we are getting ready to do just that ourselves.

Regarding  another terrorist attack against the U.S., the question was "not if, but when"; as for the war on Iraq it was "not if but under what pretext"; and with respect to the coming war against Iran it's "my place or yours?" : whether the Israelis will take out the nuclear sites or we shall.  Both countries have the means to do so, if it can be done.

With hindsight, it turns out the draconian Treaty of Versailles had something to do with the rise of Hitler.  The Germans didn't just decide to let a madman lose on the world.  (People's rarely do such things, even if they invariably  get the government they deserve.)

We ("the People") should be asking our journalists to "dig deeper" into the reasons why so many ordinary human beings hate us.

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