Thursday, August 31, 2006


You know how,when someone commits a crime, investigators will look into that person's background, especially their childhood, to see if there is something that can explain the terrible behavior?  Conservatives are usually against this, associating it with being "soft on crime".  But they would probably accept it - even embrace it - in the case of Israel.

Here is a people that more than any other has been persecuted. Persecuted for two millennia!  That's the equivalent of living in a slum and having a father that beats you all the time and a mother who drinks.

With all that, no people on earth is more attuned to psychology, so how come Israel insists on bullying its neighbors?
I guess it's like when the French say: "chausseur plus mal chaussee", the shoemaker has the worst shoes.  But thinking about this might make it easier for Jews all over the world to accept the fact that the Israelis rather than sympathy, need reeducating, and tell their kinfolk they're in the wrong.

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