Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas, Middle East

Will I be vilified if I ask how many Americans thought about our victims across the Middle East and elsewhere as they listened to the testimonies of horror from Las Vegas?

Gun control will be front and center of pundits' analysis, but will there be no other thoughts?

Americans have often been reminded that they haven't faced war on their soil since the mid-nineteenth century Civil War -- especially when they appear indifferent to the fatalities their military actions cause.  That is one reason why nine-eleven was such an awakening.  But as evil-doers gain access to military grade weapons that can kill many in a second, and the carnage comes ever closer to resembling a war-zone, will the sole focus be on gun control -- or will a significant number of voters, when they hear testimonies of those who survived the massacre in Las Vegas, think to themselves:  "This is what it must have felt like to members of Muslim wedding parties that we bombed from the air....?"

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  1. Yes, I often think of the people and areas that we have demolished and what it must be like to live in a "war zone". We are so fortunate here in the US that we have not had to live like that and I wish our military destruction would stop.