Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Revealed at the UN

As the pundits parse Trump’s speech to the UN, I fear they are missing the fact that he has hit a two-fer: appeasing his White Nationalist backers while echoing Vladimir Putin.
It is silly to claim that Russia’s president backs neo-Nazis, as some, in their ignorance, have done recently. As I wrote in an earlier blog, otherjones.com/Sebastian, Vladimir Putin’s support for European nationalists campaigning against the Islamization of their lands is tactical, part of a much bigger concept: that the world has swung too far from tradition in its determination to conquer all.  
The me generation could not have happened without a society based on consumption, consumption eventually led to globaliza-tion (everyone must become a consumer and all must consume the same things, financed, created and marketed by global entrepreneurs). The me generation created anything goes, including every imaginable sexual identity (divorce at will birthed women’s lib, which birthed a myriad of other liberation movements (women still birthing…) and all these separate selves have their own must-have items, which inevitably loosened the bonds between self and nation. On the other hand, liberation movements eventually led the planet’s eight billion and growing population conclude that decentralization is the only practical framework for democracy.
Coinciding with the recognition that national parliamentary democracy is an irremediable farce, Caucasians — appalled by irrefutable evidence of their minority status — have sought comfort from strong leaders, wanting to believe they possessed the power to alter the composition of the human race.  They call themselves ‘white supremacists’. Arrayed against them are multiculturalists, convinced that different colored human beings, who worship different Gods, can live happily together.
The inevitable outcome of this dichotomy is a small but growing cohort that favors a sensible mean: perhaps multiculturalism is too big a lift for twenty-first century man, however each segment of humanity is equal to each other, and is entitled to its own place on the map.  In order to achieve this, the two hundred disparate nations that presently elbow each other aside for a place in the sun need to be guided by strong leaders, who will respect and cooperate with his peers across the globe, speaking with one voice for his people, while they, as conglomerates of individuals, settle the mundane issues of daily, local life in decentralized, democratic communities.
It goes without saying that this template rejects war and is dedicated to cooperation, through the United Nations and its affiliates, and in other international fora — such as those that regulate trade.  
While America’s fanatic judiciary hones in on the question of whether some or all of Donald Trump’s acolytes cooperated with Russia to bring him to the White House, Americans hearing or reading Trump’s maiden UN speech should breathe a sigh of relief: their president agrees with the main lines of the Russian President’s worldview, and this is what matters. Pompous references to ‘our democracy’, which the Russians — rather than money — destroyed, make many Americans wince.
Trump’s challenge will be to navigate the White Supremacist spiderweb that seeks to draw him in even as those ever fearful of ‘the Other’ — especially the ‘foreigner’ — try to expel him from his seat in the Oval Office.
P.S. US-Soviet cooperation against Nazism was but a brief moment on the universal clock, while McCarthyism is almost as old as the Russian Revoution. The Russians have moved on from Communism, while American society still struggles with racism. The United States is the quintessential multi-cultural society, while the Russian Federation is generally considered to be a successful template for cooperation among different peoples.  As far as North Korea is concerned, Trump needs to be told that it has a valid gripe: since 1953 it has been condemned to pariah status, due to our failure to agree a treaty at the end of the Korean War. ‘Rocketman’ is an apt moniker, for North Korea’s young leader is like an ostracized student.  

As for Iran, when it comes to financing ‘terrorists’ these are not Hezbollah, but ISIS, and Israel, however much we want to see it as a ‘democracy’, its Arab citizens would not agree — nor has it done us any favors as with our big boots, we try to wade through the Middle East quagmire.

UN General Assembly by Jen


  1. Trump is the president and everyone has to accept this fact as people of America have chosen him. Hope that he will turn as a good president for the U.S.

  2. Those who prone 'democracy' the loudest are the first to cry when the result is not to their liking.