Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The World is Angry and its Leaders Agree

Turn on the TV and you’ll hear every manner of learned comments on the day’s dreary news, subtleties beyond measure.  But the bottom line becomes clearer every day: as the world goes to hell in a breadbasket, most of its inhabitants clamoring in vain for power brakes.

The world’s leaders may be competing for power, but knowing they cannot fix the mess they’ve created, all turn to their respective police and military, in an ultimate us against them. Known to some as Armageddon, the what, where, when and how are frivolous details that merely justify the paychecks of talking heads.

Political leaders once competed for land, then they competed over ideology, now any issue will do, and brinkmanship is down to its last chips.

Africa teams with refugees from famine and wars, but the U.N. has to beg permission of governments to open camps, as in the case with Kenya, reported by the BBC yesterday. When the powerful flaunt their gains, the underlings follow suit.  Everyone is in the game, but the ultimate stakes are human survival on a planet that has seen eons of turmoil, and is indifferent to our fate.



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