Friday, July 8, 2011

Mother Jones Outdoes Herself

I apologize for not writing this week, I've been putting the final touches to my memoir, 'Lunch with Fellini, Dinner with Fidel, An American Woman's Journey from the Cold War to the Arab Spring'.

The illustrated book will be available on Girlebooks in a few days, as well as on Smashword, Amazon, and other sites.

I do want to signal the extraordinary July issue of Mother Jones.  Sometimes there is nothing of interest in a magazine, rarely are there three in-depth, important articles.

'The Overseer' takes you to America's largest prison, where the warden 'will make sure you find Jesus'.

In the same issue, (coincidence, or an accurate reflexion of what's going on in a significant part of America?) 'Escape from Memphis', reports on thousands of teenagers being sent by well-meaning Christian parents to homes where they believe they will be treated with compassion and respect, only to find out they are worse than jails.

'The Speedup' is a primer on why workers are forced to raise their productivity without getting any of the benefits.

This remarkable article is followed by a  run-down of past and present reflexions on the superiority of the shorter work week, both economically and socially, ideas which are developed in an excellent new book 'The Fair Society' by Peter Corning.

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