Saturday, July 16, 2011

Libya and Us

It seems clear that one of the reasons why President Obama blew off Congress’s complaints about our involvement in Libya, was to gain time to psych out the self-appointed representatives of those trying to oust Colonel Qaddafi. Now, satisfied that the men in suits are good liberals, the United States has recognized them as the country’s legitimate government, and written a check for 30 billion dollars to help the fighters on the ground get their act together.

This policy will likely be followed in other Arab countries where the population has decided to seek ‘freedom’, (defined differently by each group).

America’s traditional definition of freedom is being challenged by the Tea Party.  But according to today’s New York Times, our diplomats hope the newly recognized Libyan Transitional National Council will use the 30 billion for traditional public services - “to pay for health care and electrical power for example”.

Do we have to go to war in Libya for the administration - or at least The New York Times - to recognize that health care is a responsibility of government?


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