Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is it About Assange's DNA?

The effort to entrap the founder and chief mischief maker of Wikileaks appears, on the surface, so ludicrous, that it must be part of a well-thought out plan, which can, I believe, be discovered by considering the recent leaks:

American diplomats are asked to obtain all sorts of apparently irrelevant information from everyone they meet, credit card numbers and DNA being the most obviously shocking.

Can’t you just see the CIA hatching this plot? Offer Assange a couple of women, get his DNA from them, and, to cap it all off, have him arrested for sexual molestation on the excuse that he didn’t wear a condom! (This is against the law in Sweden.)  The charges enunciated today by BBC online (which to my knowledge has never mentioned the Swedish law or its infringement by Assange, tut, tut!) appear to be typical legal ways of describing one and the same act: one count of rape, one of unlawful coercion and two counts of sexual molestation.

I’m not an investigative reporter.  I hope those qualified in this domain will follow the lead - or leaks - to discover what the CIA plans to use people’s DNA for: that’s sinister.

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