Monday, December 6, 2010

Assange’s ‘Crime’: See Wikileaks Revelations

I wanted to write this yesterday but a manuscript took precedence. Too bad for my reputation as seer.

Can anyone aware of the revelations on U.S. behavior doubt that Assange is being framed?  Today it turns out that one of the women who ‘accuse’ him of having sex without a condom has ties to the FBI.....

Can anyone believe that a modern Swedish woman would wake up after sex and denounce her partner instead of insisting on protection before?

You'd think the government would worry about looking ridiculous by hatching such a stupid plot. But the leaked evidence of its activities all over the world against all sorts of individuals, simple citizens or leaders, suggests it will never learn.

The question is:  Will we?

P.S. To find out what’s happening at the Cancun Conference on Climate Change, which most news organizations are boycotting, watch Amy Goodman on your computer at  The U.S. is not participating: too busy  chasing Assange no doubt.

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