Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Arithmetic of Islamization (June 22)

While rogue State Department employees clamor for the US to bomb Assad, RT reports this morning that a Muslim entrepreneur in London has set up a website to help his fellows find second wives.  Never mind that bigamy is against British law, he justifies it by saying it’s better than seeing prostitutes or having a mistress.
Until now, most of the ruckus over the Islamization of Europe has been about the prospect of having to obey Sharia law, although few Westerners have even a clue as to the ways in which it differs from “Enlightenment” law.  Now, at least, there’s a clear discrepancy for Brits to deal with.
But how to complain if a Muslim living in Britain - citizen or not - follows the Western injunction to create…. a business, and multiply one’s income?
However much the Europeans may insist on seeing their Islamization as a threat instead of a reality they will have to adapt to, the process will not be reversed: Europe’s days as the bastion of Christianity are over, thanks to the US having taken over that mantle and done stupid stuff with it.  As a reminder, there are 2.2 billion Muslims in the world and it is increasingly making (voluntary) converts.  With its population of half a billion, Europe’s fate is sealed. 

And while the US hasn’t been able to cope with its black problem for four centuries, Russia during that time has been sharing Eurasia with Muslims.

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