Sunday, July 3, 2016

Few Hurt in Sacramento but Implications are ‘Uge’ (June 27)

Curious about the Traditionalist Workers’ Party that was opposed by left-wing activists today, I Googled the name (Bless Google!).  What I found was more troubling than if the name had simply referred to a Neo-Nazi group, as was implied by the activist interviewed by RT.  Here’s the website intro:
“The Traditionalist Worker Party “is America’s first political party created by and for working families. Our mission is defending faith, family, and folk against the politicians and oligarchs who are running America into the ground. We intend to achieve that goal by building a nationwide network of grassroots local leaders who will lead Americans toward a peaceful and prosperous future free from economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy.”
What is significant about this manifesto is that it does not present itself as classical Nazism or Fascism, that attacks - both verbally and physically - groups that are ‘different’, such as members of a given race or religion, simply asserts to right of all groups to be ‘separate and different’, with an emphasis on ‘saving’ white populations from ‘miscegenation’.
The name ‘Nazi’ represents a contraction of ‘National’ and Socialist ("Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" - the National Socialist German Worker's Party.)  It came into being following the Russian Revolution, to compete with its version of socialism.  Many workers joined the party believing they would be protected, with the added advantage of their nation also being protected from contamination with the internationalism of the Bolsheviks.
Is something similar happening before our very eyes, right here in good old America, land of the free and home of the brave?
As the media focuses on Donald Trump’s campaign gearing up for the general election, is there someone other than the Paul Manaforts busy in the shadows setting up a party that would turn Trump’s primary voters into members of a carefully managed mass party?  (Corey Lewandowski appears to be parked at CNN, but an energetic man in his prime could easily handle two jobs..)
Here’s another excerpt from the (apparently new) party’s website:
“The Traditionalist Worker Party stands for Faith, Family, and Folk. Our party members share a common struggle to transfer power and resources from the corrupt and unaccountable federal government to community and regional leaders who stand for traditional values, strong families, and revived cultures.

Localism and secessionism are central to our mission. The United States is far too large, diverse, and infested with lobbyists and oligarchs for realistic solutions to come from a centralized, top-down approach to solving political problems. Both history and sociological studies confirm that communitarian ideals work, but only in political communities of shared heritage, identity, and faith.

Unlike the typical American parties which exist to promote a set of ideologies and interests, the Traditionalist Worker Party exists to fight for working families and improve their communities at the local level. Our platform provides a general outline of our ideas and interests, but actual people are more important to us than abstract ideas. While we have candidates for political office and will run campaigns, that work is secondary to our first priority, which is local organizing and advocacy for real-life working families who share our identitarian and traditionalist vision.”

If not the platform, the party’s symbol is disturbing.  In black, see traditional Nazi symbols, in yellow, that of the Traditionalist Workers Party.

pastedGraphic.pngIn black, traditional Nazi symbols, in gold  Traditionalist Workers Party SymbolpastedGraphic_1.png

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