Monday, July 20, 2015

Neo-Nazis to Kiev: Drop Dead! (July 12)

Until now the Western press has succeeded in fugding the role played by Right Sector and other Neo-Nazi militias in the overthrow of a democratically elected president in Ukraine last year. But if they expected the groups would gradually integrate civil society and put away their chains and clubs.[tag]

Those of us who have been trying to expose the role played by these private militias whose hero is Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist whoa fought alongside Hitler in the second world war, helping to slaughter thousands of Poles and Jews, have met with feigned incredulity on the part of the mainstream press, which at most is willing to admit the presence of the proverbial 'few bad apples' among a population yearning for democracy. Insults levied at govenrment officials and threats against Jews and Russians proferred openly (in Ukrainian....) have been passed over in consistent silence, while opinion writers at best treat them with the indulgence generally accorded to wayward children.

However, as reported since yesterday by RT, Right Sector fighters used Kalashnikovs, RPG-7 and grenade launchers to the duke it out with a local strongman in Western Ukraine (the pro-European part of the country), putting locals in danger.

As of today Right Sektor is on alert across Ukraine, and those gathered in Kiev are demanding the resignation of the Interior Minister, just as, in 2014, they demanded the resignation of the democratically elected president.

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