Monday, October 14, 2013

Sea Change IV

Yesterday, Sunday, witnessed the first incident in America’s populist revolution, financed by fascism’s indispensable oligarchs.

The angry veterans attacking the barrier to the closed World War II Memorial on the Washington Mall and hanging pieces of it on the White House fence, egged on by Sarah Palin and other Tea Party stalwarts were not demonstrating about unmet servicemen’s needs. Embodying the constitutionally guaranteed citizen’s right to bear arms, they were warning of things to come. Signs calling for Obama’s impeachment were a dry-run for the day when the thousands of militias drilling in America’s woods will be convened to ‘take their country back through the barrel of a gun’.

Prominent figures on the left have called for Obama’s impeachment, however yesterday’s vets are after him for wanting to provide health care to all, betraying the ideal of rugged individualism called for by the founding fathers. The foreseeable lack of lack of support for such a bill requires a bait and switch to external enemies ready to pounce should we default on our debt.

The Koch brothers and their allies do not discount the consequences of an American default on the world economy: they discount its importance, compared with the advantage of getting rid of Obama. If they can do away with the last vestiges of democracy represented by a presidential figurehead, they will be able to move ahead with their agenda, together with the global 1%.

P.S. The October 4th Nation editorial evokes ‘Elysium’. Could they be reading my blogs?`

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