Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let Them Eat.....Golden Rice

The celebrated French queen who went to the guillotine for dissing her bread-starved people with phrases like ‘let them eat cake’, lives on in the hearts of today’s royalty, known as the 1%.

One of international royalty’s foremost princes is the seed conglomerate Monsanto, whose name is belied by its policies. Not only does Monsanto haul into court farmers who dare to save their own seeds from season to season instead of buying Monsanto’s, which are good for only one use, it experiments with the lives of third world children with ‘improved crops’ such rice that accumulates provitamin A in the grain, supposedly saving millions from blindness. Monsanto claims third world countries will be able to reuse the seeds, but what is to prevent the agricultural bully from changing its mind, and meanwhile who benefits from the expensive laboratory process?

A recent New York Times article on opposition to the golden rice experiment being carried out in the Philippines failed to mention the widely disseminated story about French rats fed with genetically modified grain that had grown humungous tumors.

Maybe golden rice will turn out to be a wonderful thing. But it is criminal to start feeding it to humans before we know what it does to mice.

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