Saturday, June 15, 2013

More on European Islamists from Belgium

A Belgian televised debate confirms that some politicians are willing to countenance support for Al Qaeda as a lesser evil than socialism.

The debate pitted a Belgian born activist of Turkish origin among others against the Belgian Interior Minister, and focused on the worries of parents of Belgian youth leaving to fight with the rebels in Syria. As such it relates to what I wrote yesterday about the inevitable Islamization of Europe.

Bahar Kimyongur’s Turkish parents, who immigrated to Belgium as laborers, were from Hatay province, an area disputed with Syria and inhabited by many members of the Alouite sect of Shi’a Islam. In 2006 he was condemned in Belgium under anti-terrorist legislation for having translated into French documents drafted by an extreme left Turkish organization considered as terrorist by the Turkish government. Kimyongur’s case went through several appeals at various levels, including the highest, of the Belgian justice system, which finally exonerated him. It is eerily similar to what is going on in the United States with respect to ‘aiding the enemy’ anti-free speech legislation.

The crux of the debate over Belgian volunteers going to fight against Syria’a Alouite government

was whether the Minister was making reasonable attempts to get the Turkish government to find these young men, believed to have entered Syria through Turkey’s Hatay province. Kimyongur essentially accuses the minister of being more interested in not seeking help from Turkey’s Islamist government, which could find these Belgian youths, because they are, after all, fighting the Alawi government allied with Shi’a Iran.

This situation would appear to confirm the difference between the political orientation of Sunnis and Shi’as in today’s Muslim world.  Although Arab socialism has been espoused by leaders from both sects (Nasser and Saddam Hussein were both Sunnis), currently the progressive tendency is located in the Shi’a governments of Iran, Syria and post-invasion Iraq, where Shi’as constitute a majority.

The Islamist threat hanging over Europe emanates not from Iran and Syria, neither of which are proselytizing, but from Sunni Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, financiers of the Syrian rebellion.

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