Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Not About Terrorists, It's About Us!

All the hype about Edward Snowden’s revelations misses the essential: the monumental amount of data being collected manifestly did not enable the government to avoid the Boston terrorist attack, and we have only the government’s word that it saved us from others.

The only conceivable use that haystack of data could be put to is to identify and round up every progressive in the country the day the government comes out of the closet as a fascist dictatorship.

By then it will be too late.

The Germans remember the Stasi and want no part of our project. And the Brazilians and the Turks, whose economies are growing, are motivated to come out by the thousands and even the hundreds of thousands when money isn’t providing a sane life.  That's because they have had access to progressive history and progressive writers for generations, while Americans have accepted the pap that passes for information in this country while following the latest soap, scandal or sports event on television.

Note that Brazilians have a passion for football, but it doesn’t prevent them from understanding the real game of life.

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