Monday, November 29, 2010

The World is Angry

Wikileaks’ latest installment of incriminating inter-governmental communications comes just in time - perhaps - to wake governments up to their citizens’ anger.

‘The People’ are angry from England to South Korea and every-where in between, east and west, north and south. The anger has  dif-ferent targets, but it all boils down to the same issue: the leaders of the world, meaning governments and business, have dug us into a hole, and they have neither the will nor a clue how to get us out.

British students riot because they might have to pay $15,000 a year for college tuition.  (Our Ivy League parents only wish the bill were so low.)  The Irish (of the Republic of Ireland) just got a bailout from the European Union,  the latest country to discover that you cannot imitate the American way without consequences.  Before that there was Iceland, and waiting in the wings are Portugal, Spain, and Italy.  Recently bailed out Greece is being told it might have to pay a higher interest. All over Europe, workers and students are fighting budget cuts in the streets: strikes in China are less visible to the outside world.

During the Cold War what frightened people and governments alike was the threat of a nuclear attack.  Who would have thought that could be surpassed by anything?  Yet twenty years after the collapse of the Evil Empire, we’re not fighting the Jedi of an imaginary world, but our very own climate.

Are Kim Jon Il’s antics related to his realization that climate change might inundate his island realm?  At any rate, North Korea isn’t the only country behaving like there are no consequences when it attacks real estate in the South: When Wikileaks exposes the orders to U.S. diplomatic personal, including those at the U.N., to get DNA and credit card numbers from people, you know for sure that our leaders have spent more time watching reality TV than getting Ph.Ds.

World government, anyone?

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