Wednesday, January 10, 2007


On December 1, 2006, I wrote in this blog (Thieves and Elves in Baghdad):

"Speaking of Iran, my bet is on Ahmadinejad for Time's Person of the Year.  It will probably be a toss up between the Iranian president and Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president.  Both of them are acknowledged leaders among the populations of a Third World, which we will probably continue to blow off until it's too late: they are the majority in this world, the developed countries are the minority, and the United States is, if I may abuse scientific terminology, is the absolute minority."

Tonight, Lou Dobbs alerts his listeners to the fact that the newly elected or reelected leaders of Latin American are cultivating friendly ties with Iran.  Too bad that when Dobbs has the right ideas, it's usually for the wrong reasons, securing him a listenership much of which is unaware of his basic conservatism.

Off to the Third National Conference on Media Reform that starts tomorrow in Memphis.

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