Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Imagine seeing a documentary on the struggle of Cannon employees throughout the company's history to become unionized....on NBC.

Imagine seeing an interview with a former high-ranking UN official now writing for an English-language paper in Kenya about the activities of US warships off the coast of Mogadishu.....on NBC.

In sum, imagine ALL the media outlets seeking and presenting ALL the news to ALL the people.

Inagine there being no more "n" words, no more "l" words, no more "s" words (God forbid!) and of course no more "r" words and no more "i" words.....

Imagine jounalists no longer having to get muscle cramp when they report IN A TONE OF CONDEMNATION that Hugo Chavez is using his oil wealth to help the poor.

As this conference for media reform gets under way, we need to think outside the box about ways to disseminate OUR news to more people - even if it means dropping leaflets or stuffing mailboxes - and to win over the highly paid journalists who seem to have forgotten that journalism originated as a way of letting citizens in to the back rooms of power.

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