Monday, December 18, 2006


Will somebody please explain to me why we leave the streets of Baghdad unattended at night, when all the mischief is going on?

A news report over the weekend noted that every morning the Iraqi police get up and go out to collect the bodies of people assassinated during the night.

Is this a joke or what?

There's an idea that has been wanting some air for quite some time: could it be that we're deliberately bungling the occupation so we can claim the Iraqis just can't handle independence?

Another news item over the weekend would seem to fit right into this theory: we're told that the Saudis are "reading the riot act" to their erstwhile friends the Bushes and that things are so serious that the cosy family relationship may never be the same again.

Given the smell of oil, that sounded like so much spin.  Then it occurred to me that it's worse than spin - they're deliberately misleading us!  Consider this:  the Saudis are Sunnnis; those in Iraq who are not cooperating are the Sunnis, who are the minority but have always been on top until now.  The Saudis said outright that they would provide support to the Iraqi Sunnis if they're not given a fair shake in the government.

Do they expect us to believe that we would give up Saudi oil AND Sunni-controlled Iraqi oil?

I'd say it's more likely that the kidnappings and assassinations serve to demonstrate that the Shia (same as Iranians) should not rule Iraq, and we have to put the Sunnis, friends of the Saudis, back in control.

That would mean ignoring the fact that Al Qaeda is a creature of Sunni Wahabbism, while the Shias (including Ahmadinejad) are all about meeting the needs of the people.

The inconvenient ideological difference between Sunnis and Shias truth is systematically glossed over by our media.

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