Sunday, December 10, 2006


It's the season when all self-respecting cultural communities offer "The Nutcracker", a ballet where children in their party best dance around a Christmas tree.

The talk-show tree that sophisticated commentators are dancing around isn't green, it's metallic.  And the dancers are pretending to be blind. Instead of an oil rig, they'd like us to believe they're dancing around the Statue of Liberty.  It's not about Christmas giving, but about protecting the Easter /golden egg.

And not a single journalist out there - not even Amy Goodman! - to pull back the curtain and shine the spotlight on what's really on the dancers' mind: control of Iraqi oil via nationalization and contracts handed out to the oil majors.

The eminant citizens who write "The Iraq Panel Report" must have know they could spell out the administration's plan without the slightest risk that the fourth estate would shine their projectors on it: they're well trained in the pirouettes that are a classical element in every pas de deux.

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