Saturday, July 15, 2006


Our media can't decide whether to call Hezbollah terrorists, internationally recognized terrorists, or what, especially when they report that they build hospitals and schools.

Nor can they face the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah don't need to take orders from Teheran or Damascus, as those capitals try to tell us.

One of the stock claims of Israelis and those who support them is that since 1949 the Palestinians could have been welcomed by other Arab nations.  But their friends in Washington don't see the corollary: Arab nations all agree that  Israeli occupation of a Middle Eastern people is wrong.

Many regimes go down in history as having got something very wrong.  The current American administration will set a record for getting just about everything wrong: it supported the Taliban, then had to oust them; it ousted Saddam, who was Teheran's enemy.  Now it has to worry about war between Israel and Teheran.  The Israelis want it.  Do we?

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