Monday, July 24, 2006


Somebody's beginning to realize what Israel is up against in Lebanon.  Michael Ware, longtime Lebanon correspondent said on CNN that "Hezbollah isn't a terrorist group, it's a terrorist army!"

Now someone has to ask the question: why is it that a country whose government is too weak to have a strong army, has a strong unofficial army, referred to in spin language as a terrorist group?

Disdain for irregulars can lead to catastrophic miscalculations.  It may not be Armageddon, but it sure looks like Lebanon is going to be Israel's Vietnam.  When will they ever learn?  (Maybe there is a subconscious aspiration on the part of Israel army leaders, to do better than America did - to show us that they can do better, not unlike the aspiration of guerilla groups like Hezbollah to show that it can beat a high tech army.

Speaking of Armageddon, I received emails from three people alerting me to tonight's CNN special on Rapture....According to the trailers, some Evangelicals are ecstatic over the Middle East carnage  because it announces the End Time.  The good news (sic) is that maybe some fence-sitters will realize there's little difference between Islamic and Christian fundamentalists: the former believe Heavenly Virgins await the martyr,  the latter  that you don't even have to blow yourself up to be taken to heaven, leaving the sinners behind.

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