Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hillary’s Speech: The Ultimate Brain-Wash (JUy 30)

On the last day of the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton dressed in white in a remarked similarity to Melania Trump when she spoke at the Republican Convention. In response to Donald Trump’s motto: Make America Great Again Hillary Clinton declared, “America is great because America is good!” to ecstatic cheers from Democratic Convention delegates, who after four days of speeches, were still ready to swallow more bull.
“Brain-washed” was a popular American expression in the seventies and eighties, that mainly referred to the Soviet people who believed Communist propaganda, and it urgently needs to make a come-back. The number of lies the American people have swallowed since Vladimir Putin started wiping up the mess Washington’s man in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin, made before bowing out clutching his vodka bottle, is staggering.
The word ‘propaganda’ just doesn’t cut it when we’re talking about this amount of outright lies. ‘Fact-checking’ has become part of the mainstream media, but it’s more often used to split hairs than to challenge false narratives, for example disputing Hillary’s claim that ninety percent of all wealth goes to the one percent when it’s now ‘only’ 52%.  
No fact checker will stand up and say that Russia did not invade Eastern Ukraine, where eighty-five percent of the inhabitants are ethnic Russians who will never forget that in the ‘Great Patriotic War’ against Hitler, 27,000,000 of their com-patriots died. Or that two weeks before Ukraine’s duly elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, fled to save his life from truncheon-wielding Neo-Nazi militias in the Maidan, Hillary Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, was recorded in a phone conversation with the American Ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffry Pyatt, discussing who would make the best next Prime Minister of that country. Nuland insisted it should be ‘Yats’ (Arsenyi Yantsenyuk) who was duly installed, resigning two years later as the fallacy of a popular uprising in Ukraine demanding more ‘democracy’ continues to be the thread to which an unending succession of lies are attached.
 Russia must force the ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine to ‘comply with the Minsk agreement’, which is actually being flouted by the government in Kiev’s continuing military actions. Russia ‘has moved the post-world war two European borders,’ by ‘allowing’ ethnic Russian Crimeans to hold a referendum under the protection of ‘little green men’ (Russian soldiers, usually depicted as threatening), allegedly brought in to make sure they vote the right way. No mention is made of the Russian Naval Base in Sevastopol, which no president could allow to fall into the hands of a foreign (not to mention enemy) government, that legally includes 24,000 troops. (In similar fashion, for decades, Communism was depicted to Americans as forced labor at the point of a gun…) 
 As if it was Russia, and not the US, that maintains nearly a thousand US bases around the world, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party (once considered ‘progressive’) accuses Vladimir Putin of wanting to ‘retake’ the tiny Baltic countries and reconstruct the Soviet ‘Empire’. No one bothers to tell the American people that Vladimir Putin is busy building cooperative arrangements across Eurasia together with China, the real reason for American worries, and more difficult to counter. Far from eying the ‘old continent’ with hungry eyes, Russia, together with China Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, founded the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in 2001, and in 2015, decided to admit India and Pakistan as full members. Their formal application process began a year later, and is expected to take another year, unlike that of joining the European Union, which can take decades.
While the Russians build a new Eurasia, the European Union undergoes a process of dissolution that no one would have predicted a year ago. But American voters cannot be allowed to know that, for then they might question the money being spent on NATO exercises along Russia’s European borders, from the Baltic to the Black Sea. So far Donald Trump, who knows very little about foreign policy, is the only one to see that this courts disaster. 
The United States has been caught many times indulging in false flag operations, one being the 1898 destruction of the destroyer Maine in Havana harbor, a pretext for the Spanish-American war that brought Cuba under US management for half a century. More recently, the ‘Tonkin Gulf incident’ was Johnson's legal justification for commencing open warfare against North Vietnam. Current false flags consist of organizing ‘color revolutions’ to demand ‘more democracy’ when rulers do not comply with Washington’s wishes, as in Ukraine. Other anti-Russian false flags consist of doping its athletes in order to bar them from international sporting events - or hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails, then claiming the Russians did it.
In 1997, national security advisor Zbignieuw Brzezinski published a book entitled “The Grand Chessboard”, whose thesis is that the US must never allow any country to challenge its status as world hegemon. Zbig recommended starting with regime change in Ukraine and Georgia, then carving Russia proper into a dozen smaller entities under local leaders obedient to America’s globalization project.   
As the US moves into the final months of the presidential campaign, the Washington beltway can be expected to indulge in more false flag operations against Russia, in order to prepare the American public for Hillary’s implementation of Zbig’s program. Until relatively recently, interference in the domestic affairs of another country was broadly recognized as unacceptable, but in the last decade it has been referred to so casually as ‘regime change’ that ‘good Americans’ do not think to question it.

Concomitantly, Donald Trump’s remark that he would rather be friends with Russia and China is labelled as treason, and ‘good Americans’ do not even realize that the definition is inaccurate.

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