Monday, September 28, 2015

Good-bye Pope Francis: Don’t Forget to Write!

Fox News followed the Pope all the way to the Philadelphia airport, where Joe Biden and a couple of hundred other people had come to say good-bye, so the Pope had another chance to tell us the things that we don’t hear from our secular leaders.  It was dark by the time he left for Rome, his white robe spotlighted in the door of the plane.
It will take us some time to recover from these tumultuous days, in which it seemed the Pope’s gentle figure was everywhere.  But what we will miss most of all is his tone of voice, whether in his native Spanish or his halting, sometimes bizarrely pronounced English, so different from hammered political messages.

As Bernie Sanders publishes a foreign policy platform that dares not confront any of its sacred bulls, and President Obama prepares to meet with President Putin for the first time in several years, with Europe knowing it has only passed the first hurdle in finding homes for 120,000 refugees, we can only hope he doesn’t forget us - and that our leaders always remember his message.

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