Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yesterday I tweeted that the justice system must have known the outcome of the trial in advance, otherwise why would they have put the word out that they were ‘bracing for violence’?

But even more disturbing were the Sunday talk shows: you could hardly slip a piece of tissue paper between the words of Benjamin Jealous and Peggy a, so reluctant is the commentariat to roil the waters.  While RT reported on thousands participating overnight in demonstrations against the verdict, the American channels referred to ‘hundreds’.  In my relatively laid back city of Philadelphia, not one but two demonstrations are announced for this afternoon.

My money is on no federal action on this case, though I signed to petition to Attorney General Holder that appeared in my email this morning from Move.On and Benjamin Jealous (who apparently knew better than to refer to it in his TV appearance).

When it took police something like two months to arrest Zimmerman, it was clear he would not be convicted.  The prosecution, as several commentators pointed out on the last day of the trial, was weak, and somehow there was an agreement (?) to leave race out of the proceedings. Did they also leave out Trayvon’s conversations with his girl-friend as he was being stalked?  If so, why?

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