Tuesday, December 25, 2012

P.S. on Africa

Yesterday's news on RT was that the U.S. is sending troops to 35 African countries, starting with Mali, and including  Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger in order to prepare for any advances from al-Qaeda linked groups. "Americans will also train and equip forces in Kenya and Somalia, .... to stand up to al-Shabab militants. Despite the troops being deployed to more than half of the countries in Africa', according to the AP the U.S. will try to minimize evidence of its footprint across the continent.

This is not about aid and assistance, but about minerals and arable land, and the new policy of training and equiping indigenous military forces to do our work for us.


  1. Hurray for President Obama ! Unlike Bush2 who ignored the Al Queda threat and Clinton who made a token attempt with tomahawks, the president is going after our potential enemies where the live! Perhaps we can avoid another 9/11 and bring civilization into these dark places !

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