Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Irony P.S. and New Insights

Yesterday’s post was missing a last ‘who would have guessed it’ item:  RT reports a recent trend among the children of Indian immigrants to the U.S. It seems that increasing numbers, armed with graduate degrees, are returning to India, where they find more opportunities - and a more relaxed life-style, as has been the case for American ex-pats who move to Europe.

This morning, Britain’s Supreme Court rejected Julian Assange’s request that it reopen Sweden’s request that he be extradited to face sex-related allegations, widely believed to serve America’s determination to arrest Assange on charges of terrorism. Since the U.S. is armed with the latest, controversial legislation allowing it to arrest anyone suspected of links to enemy groups, Assange will be an internationally watched test case.

Finally, just days before the Presidential run-off in Egypt, that Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament should be dissolved, claiming that one-third of its new members were fraudulently elected.  Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss scholar of Islam and Oxford professor, interviewed by RT, believes the Muslim Brotherhood has been used by the Egyptian Army to ultimately retain power, bringing Egypt back to the days of deposed leader Mubarak.

More precisely, as Syria hurtles toward all-out civil war on Israel’s northern and Eastern border, pitting Russia (and, diplomatically, also China) against the United States, the latter appears to be going all-out to ensure that Egypt becomes once again a predictable neighbor to Israel’s south.


  1. Apples and Oranges. A little fact checking would be appropriate here. The gratuitous comment that Israel is deporting 4000 Black Africans who sought political refuge is a distortion of the truth. Of the 60,,000 blacks in the state claiming political oppression those from South Sudan, a country with whom Israel has good relations, there are 4000 present to find a better paying job. So deportation is no different there than here with our Mexican "illegals".
    Also, characterising the Soviets and Chinese as sharing "socialist solidarity" iis buying into their propaganda fom last century rather than reality. Their only "Solidarity" was in the Gulag and the grave.
    America, a tradition of force? Please! As compared to what?

  2. Always check my facts. Please consult the long list of American aggressive wars, with which no country can compete!