Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thom Hartmann on Russian TV and Fidel Castro’s Childhood Memoir

A faithful listener to public television, I only recently discovered where MIND TV’s Russian channel, RT, is located. I noticed the native English language news anchors, but one thing I didn’t expect to find on RT was our own Thom Hartmann.  He hosts an hour-long program called - hallelujah! -  ‘The Big Picture’!

My congratulations to Thom, who deserves a real life tv studio all to himself.  But I find it of even greater interest that it is the Russians who have given it to him.  Is there a faction in Russia’s TV world that supports the opposition by giving a platform to an American who is against the economic and social policies that Putin has imported?

But there could be something else going on here.  I’ve often mentioned that the Russians and the Chinese, due to their long communal tradition, are much more interested in seeing a world government , while American leaders fear it.  Perhaps Thom has been given an impressive pulpit in order to also further the cause of American voters desperate to see their government cease being the world’s policeman in a world where humans have become the tools of money. What a twofer!

The second part of my story is culled from the BBC news.  Starting yesterday, they have reported that the eighty-five year old father of the Cuban Revolution presented a thousand-page memoir ranging from his childhood and youth to 1958, the year before he ousted the American-backed dictator Batista.  Yet neither yesterday nor today did the BBC note that the 21st International Cuban Book Fair starts in a few days, and is devoted to the countries of the Caribbean.  Knowing how the Cubans do things (I was present at last year’s book fair) I can well imagine that the writers and other cultural figures invited to the fair will have been on hand for the launch of Fidel’s memoir.

Apparently, that’s not news.  Anymore than the Puerto Rican independence movement, or the fact that the PLO has an ambassador, whom I met last year, and who divides his time between several Caribbean islands, including the one we own.

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