Thursday, December 15, 2011

Corrections Regarding Iran

From Neill LeRoux, on my Facebook page:

"Besides the RQ 170, Iran has two other US Spy Drones in its possession as well as 4 Israeli Spy Drones... thats quite some collection.

Its also an indication of just how aggressively the US and Israel have been spying on Iran.

Iran complies with all inspection demands made on her by the nuclear inspection body. On average there are 2.5 inspections carried out each and every day.
The greatest threat posed by Iran to Israel and the US is not nuclear... its economic.

Iran has an advanced defence industry. It manufactures most of its own missile systems. It even exports weapons. Its Electronics industry is equally advanced producing its own semi-conductors and components needed for computers, communications etc. It is the worlds fourth largest oil producer and OPEC's second. It possesses competent and accomplished ship-repair and ship building facilities. It is earmarked to become Asia's largest auto manufacturer in the near future.

One should never lose sight of the fact that it is largely self sufficient and possesses vast resources. It is also friends with both Russia and China. It also doesn't waste money attacking other countries all the time..."

The story of her weapons drive is a hoax.

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