Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Dylan Ratigan Get Away with It?

The man keeps repeating it, like a mantra:  the Occupy movement is not a left/right issue.  Maybe he needs to read some history that goes further back than Teddy Roosevelt, and includes the other side of the pond.

One begins to suspect that the MSNBC host is being handed a line by the White House.

It wouldn't be the first time, but this time it's particularly galling because Ratigan pretends to be on the side of the 99.

I'd like him to explain to me how the existence of a numerical expression 99/1 can represent anything but class warfare, which by definition pits the left (the 99) against the right (the 1 percenters).  Calling it a top/bottom issue show's his total lack of ideological culture, on par with that of most of his audience.

Will someone with more clout than me call him on this, or is he going to get away with it?


  1. How can 99% be equivalent to left and 1% to right? Isn't your country roughly evenly split between Democrats and Republicans?

    Also, shows shouldn't have an apostrophe.

  2. The problem is that the Democrats are no longer even remotely a left-wing party.

  3. In answer to Andy, I'd say that the 1% are the people who actually benefit from the way the economy is structured at the moment. Now the people who defend the economy as it's structured at the moment do indeed correspond to the people who hold right and left political views, it's just that the vast majority of people who consider themselves as right-wing pro-capitalists really don't actually benefit from today's system.

  4. Andy's comment and my reply sound vaguely familiar. How did they get here from DKos?

  5. The Occupy Movement is not Democrat or Republican because it sees great corruption from the to 1% in both major parties. This is a movement supporting human needs above corporate greed. This is a very leftist comment and is a great basis behind the movement. There are plenty of Green Party, Socialists, and a number of people who had supported Obama in his last election. The movement; however, does not wish to exclude people and believes that the best way to resolve conflicts is through consensus and direct democracy. A movement that defines itself generally excludes others, this is different, this message of 99% is inclusive, only leaving out the wealthiest, who have no problem having their voice heard.

  6. Thanks, Ian, for this insightful comment.