Friday, August 15, 2008

Many Governments, One Rule

Today's Democracy Now featured Naomi Klein and Christian Parenti, two progressive journalists who have recently been following events in China.

But the relevance of their testimonies was neither in the Olympics, nor China's spectacular economic rise.  It was about surveillance and its growing universality.

In my blog of  July 31, entitled "Semantic Differences",   I stated that governments are in agreement among themselves on the need to keep their respective people's in order, whatever their differences vis a vis each other.

Nothing better illustrates this reality than the fact that Western companies involved in the production of surveillance equipment are making a killing in China, where everything from internet cafes to streets are being linked to police stations through surveillance cameras.

But that's not all. The two journalists agreed, this is a worldwide trend, with ubiquitous street cameras in London and other cities. Hopefully, more political commentators will accept that we are really living in one world, where no matter the surface political orientation of governments, they are dealing with the same problem, the control of the many by the few.

This would greatly facilitate the task of interpreting political events and eventually influencing them in ways that redress the imbalance between the many and the few.

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