Saturday, May 31, 2008


Those of us who see Obama as the only hope for real change in the way the United States conducts itself on the world stage fear he will be eliminated. Hillary's remark about assassination was not a moment of distraction but most likely reveals her hopes and perhaps even plans which she will deny having knowledge of if something happens.

Now comes a chorus (a Greek chorus?)insisting that to be credible, Obama must travel to Iraq: a gret place for an assassination whose investigation would be neigh impossible.

However this may crimp Obama's style, close-up protection should be increased and he should wear protection under his clothes, no matter where to goes.

The press has been far too lenient with the Clintons. The media, conveniently, never gets it until it's too late (see Scott McClellan.....).

ROn the Cuba front, McCain demonstated how little he knows about Cuba - specifically, that the Misssile Crisis ended in the eary sixties - warning the Americn people that CUBA poses a threat to US! Barack Obama needs to realize that the exiles, whom he sought to reassure, are the equivalent of those Americans those who think the GI education bill is too expensive. They did not want the majority of Cubans, who were poor, illiterate, without health care, to live better lives. To back any property claims on their behalf would dash any hope of improving relations with Cuba at any time in the foreseeable future.

Obama should lift the travel ban for all Americans so they can evaluate the revolution for themselves. In a tiny country facing a giant enemy, political prisoners are no worse than Guantanamo or renditions, or the more subtle losses of liberties that Americans suffer in the name of far-off enemies that we have provoked. All governments abuse their power in accordance with the cultural environment of their countries and with what they can get away with.

At a time when natural disasters are increasing, we would do well to recognize, among many other achievements, Cuba's ability to cope.

Our CEOs are starting to embrace "corporate social responsibility". Why should we expect Cuba to embrace coboy capitalism? Setting preconditions for a meeting witih Raul Castro perpetuates the image of the U.S. as wanting to dictate to other governments how they should run their countries. I believe Cuba will evolve into a social democracy like the Scandinavian countries, in which case it will be ahead of us.

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