Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama's Nobility, Hillary's Pandering

That's what did it, and alas, it's par for the course.

Democracy means rule by the people, and the people are not usually in condition to recognize true nobility when they see it. Noblesse oblige is what made Obama refrain from nailing Hillary to the wall over the Bosnia affair

"The people" recognized their own weaknesses in HIllary's Bosnia lies, which replaced the "who'se the guy you'd rather drink a beer with" that got Bush elected. Her false smiles and assurances that she will work for the many rather than the few were not recognized as pure pandering.

On Democracy Now former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who hopes to be the Green Party candidate, made clear she would not have let Hillary off so easily. And the Green Party's platform is what the left wing of the Democracic Party should be touting.

If Obama falls victim to the Clintons' machinations, it will mark the bifurcation point at which the Democratic Party left the American people with no other choice but to revert to the much feared crowd rule implied in the original meaning of democracy. The HBO series on John Adams was a vivid portrayal of the enduring polemic between Adams and Jefferson over the question of power, money and revolution, which is still with us.

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