Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It’s been a week since “Democracy Now” revealed that Mark Penn, who heads Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is also the CEO of the PR firm that works to sanitize the name of Blackwater.

And yet, as far as I know, none of Hillary’s competitors in the race for the White House, has picked up on this. Those of us who had hoped that something would trip up the frontrunner have to face the uncomfortable truth that if there were a banana peel in her path, the holier than thou contenders would rush to clear the way.

To be fair, one has to pose the question of guilt by association: is working with someone who works to clear Blackwater the same as, say, taking money from a lobbyist for a cause one pretends to disavow? I seem to remember that a certain Abrahms got in trouble for doing something like that. .
Well, at least we have the consolation of knowing that in our society that runs on advertising and related gimmicks, Madison Avenue has finally seen fit to climb on the bandwagon of climate change. Maybe we’ll be saved after all, as a species if not as a country!


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  2. I invented it. What do you think it means?