Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Senator Obama, by merely coming out for easing travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans wishing to visit the island of their birth, you are failing to put your mouth where your mouth is.

You have courageously stood your ground in the face of attacks on your position about meeting with un-friendly foreign leaders, so why would that not include Raul Castro, who has said he is ready for a dialogue between equals with the U.S. (while Fidel doesn't believe it's going to happen) - especially if you are willing to talk to Chavez?

And surely you should not limit travel by non-Cuban Americans to Cuba - unless you fear growing demands for free government programs such as health care and education, as have all preceding administrations.

Breaking with the past implies at least as much social democracy as practiced in the rest of the highly developed world.  Unless you are willing to state that, you risk remaining behind Hillary Clinton, who has the "advantage" of being "highly experienced" in the maintenance of a systems that is determined to hold social democracy at bay.

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