Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It seems as though it was just yesterday that Americans were tearing their hair out over the repeated shows of hubris on the part of a fraudulently elected president.

And yet it was inevitable that this hubris and its attendant tragedies should come crashing down: we’re seeing it now, and it can only continue: every aggressive action ultimately disintegrates.

Like Humpty Dumpty, the presidency of George Bush cannot be put back together.

In “Dark Ages America”, Morris Berman calls it “runaway”, when positive feedback causes a system to become increasingly distorted.  I call  it the inevitable alternation of order/disorder, also caused by feedback.  However you want to call it, it’s happening before our very eyes.  Unfortunately, most of our representatives lag far behind their electorates.

Dennis Kucinich presented his plan for exiting Iraq in January but I didn’t learn about it until today when he appeared on “Democracy Now”.  It turns out that Kucinich is the cosponsor of John Conyers’ bill on universal health care.  It’s hardly necessary to connect the dots: health care and Iraq are not a guns vs butter problem.   There is one solution to both:  make health care, not war: Humpty Dumpty fell because he was careless.  Our Humpty Dumpty is careless with the lives of others, but he can’t be put together either.

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