Saturday, February 3, 2007


Several days heavy on bureaucratic matters - that left no time for blogging, alas - culminated in a health provider insisting that I pick up a form for my son to sign in order to release his medical records.  A release in his own handwriting won’t do.  They need his signature on a form

I took refuge in a Hollywood musical never shown on TCM, one with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly before they became famous.  The subplot revolved around the difference between the kind of people who require written contracts and those who do things out of mutual trust. How not to regret the good old days?  But in one sense the old days were no different from now:  the lovers are both in good faith, but they almost lose each other because, like all antagonists each one is programmed to up the ante.  Bush and Ahmadinejad are unlikely to spare us a widening Sunni-Shia conflict because they have no underlying motivation to cooperate.

The "so-called liberal media"  having finally decided it could no longer keep its head in the White House sandbox, the news today was about the warning issued by a global scientific panel about the very real danger the world is facing from global warming.  As if on cue, central Floridians were hit with a monster tornado: 19 dead. Alas, the latest issue of Z magazine warns that carbon exchange and other measures discussed during the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Nairobi last year will be counterproductive.

The players in the sandbox don’t see what either climate change  or all-out war in the Middle East means for our survival.

Tomorrow I’ll spell out my plan for Iraq.

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